We are serving immigrants.

At the outset of the coronavirus, we partnered with the state of California to process pandemic assistance applications for thousands of immigrants that provided undocumented adults with direct financial assistance. We continue to offer our vital legal immigration services during COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic, we are conducting all consultations by appointment and over the phone.

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Catholic Charities Partners with the the State of CA to Help 7,800 Immigrants During COVID-19

They are the cleaning crews and housekeepers who quietly disinfect our homes and offices, the dishwashers and bussers of our favorite restaurants. They are the gardeners who manicure our lawns, and the nannies who love and care for our children. They are also the 7,800 resilient undocumented immigrants our Catholic Charities Center for Immigration Legal & Support Services helped apply for and receive nearly $4 million dollars in coronavirus aid from the State of California…

Mending the Digital Divide for Immigrant Families

Cony Fuentes swung into action when she learned that a San Mateo resident’s four children and nephew had started the school year doing their lessons at home on the floor, living room coffee table, kitchen counter, and beds because of their tight apartment quarters and lack of computer equipment, desks, and chairs. The mother, a housecleaner, had lost significant income due to reduced hours during the prolonged pandemic. Her husband, a handyman and gardener, faced the same challenge, often driving as far as the Central Valley to work and be gone for a week at a time. The family does not qualify for government assistance and struggles to pay their rent, relying on food banks and Catholic Charities to feed their family…